Russian Military Police Starts Patrolling Urban Area of Damascus

Units of the Russian military police have started patrolling southern districts of Damascus, which were recently liberated from militants, a TASS correspondent reported from the area on Sunday.

In order to ensure the security of the quarters, the pedestrian and motorized patrols are operating at all main streets, while the observation posts were also installed. Measures to establish contacts with the local population.

According to earlier reports, more than 3,200 militants and over 5,000 members of their families were withdrawn under agreements reached by the Russian reconciliation center in Syria in the first eight days of May.

A small part in southern Damascus is still controlled by Daesh a href="" class="local_link" target="_blank" *by Syrian forces: now, the government troops make their advance against last pockets of militants. After the terror defeat announced previous year, the Syrian forces managed to gain control of nearly the whole territory of the country.