Raises coming for liquor servers and other alternate minimum wage earners

Raises coming for liquor servers and other alternate minimum wage earners

Bloom said the restaurant she now works for pays servers more than minimum wage, which she thinks helps staff see themselves as part of the restaurant's team, rather than individuals working only for the customers they serve.

Minister of Labour Harry Bains announced today he will phase out B.C.'s lower minimum wage for liquor servers and several types of live-in positions.

In February 2018 the Fair Wages Commission had two tasks, first to recommend a pathway to raise general minimum wage to 15$-an-hour.

"They heard from servers that they may not be serving liquor and may be working in others parts of the restaurant", said Bains.

The server wage will be phased out by 2021, with gradual increases to the wage taking place until then. Starting June 1, the rest of the province's lowest earners will see their hourly rate go up to $12.65.

The B.C. government is scrapping the liquor server wage in the province.

Live-in camp leaders will see the same per cent increases as resident caretakers until they reach $121.65/day in 2021.

Following the path laid out in the commission's report, Bains said the government will start in June gradually increasing the minimum wage for liquor servers, live-in camp leaders, and live-in home support workers-eventually bringing them up to $15.20 per hour, by 2021.

The province is also removing the alternate minimum wage for live-in home-support workers since it covers few or no employees.

Popham said the government is extending the transition period for changes to farm worker piece rates to January 2019, from June 2018, in order to better balance the needs of workers and the agriculture industry.

"This is a critical industry for B.C. and we want to make sure any changes made help give it the strong, sustainable future it deserves", said Popham in a statement.

"We believe everyone who contributes to this industry should have their say as we move toward making wages fair and life more affordable for farm workers".

Piece-rate farm workers - beginning January 1st 2019, 11.5% increase to all piece rates. A full break-down of rates is available on the province's minimum wage fact sheet.