Sonos One will be available in red, yellow, and green this September

Sonos One will be available in red, yellow, and green this September

(There's also a light pink speaker pictured in Sonos's press release, but there's no confirmation that it will be available at launch.) The new colorways are part of a collaboration with the Danish design brand HAY - officially named the HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection - and each speaker will cost $229, which is a $30 uptick from than the black or white Sonos One ($199).

Launching at Milan design week today, 17 April 2018, the collaboration sees the small Sonos Play1 speaker reimagined in a colour palette developed by Hay.

The limited-edition collection is created to fit within different home environments, with a range of colours chosen to suit a range of interiors. "For me, colour is one of the most important tools in the design process, and it was very important we didn't just create a colour scale that looked handsome", said Mette Hay. "Colors can hide completely and disappear or provide contrast". "These speakers deserve to be treated like furniture: strong, independent objects that fit different needs and spaces", says Hay.

The speaker features a simple and minimal form. Together, HAY and Sonos are exploring the relationship between sound and color in the home. By leveraging HAY's singular approach to color, this limited edition collection fully realizes the Sonos philosophy of sonic architecture and harmonizes both brands' ability to create products that can transform a home. The HAY Sonos One will be available this September on, at Sonos flagship stores in NYC, London and Berlin, and at the HAY House in Copenhagen.

For Sonos, design has always been a multisensory endeavour.