Saudi boss abuses domestic worker, forces her to drink bleach

Saudi boss abuses domestic worker, forces her to drink bleach

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al-Tawi, director general of the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Makkah Region, assured Philippine Consul General in Jeddah Edgar Badajos of the ministry's support and cooperation in helping OFWs, including household service workers (HSW), with labor problems in the Kingdom.

The department added that the worker, Agnes Mancilla, fell unconscious after she was allegedly force-fed bleach for failing to make her employer a cup of tea and was rushed to King Fahad Central Hospital in Jizan, in southwestern Saudi Arabia, in a serious state on April 2 by members of Filipino community.

Mancilla underwent laparotomy, also known as abdominal surgery, in order to flush out the contents of her stomach. The allegations of abuse of domestic workers had then caused a diplomatic flap between the Philippines and Kuwait.

Mancilla has been working in Saudi Arabia since 2016 "but was repeatedly physically abused by her lady employer". The employer in question also refused to pay Mancilla her salary.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte lashed out at Kuwait, where the body of a murdered Filipina maid was found stuffed in a freezer.

Needless to say, a complete ban on Filipino workers in Kuwait, including those who had already obtained employment permits but had not yet left for the Gulf country, did not leave the best impression on the Middle East country. Duterte claimed that the employers in Arab routinely rape Filipina workers and force them to work more than 20 hours a day.

The Philippines consul pledged to regularly send representatives to follow up on the case with police and monitor the worker's condition.

Last week Mr Duterte said Kuwait had agreed to his demands to improve the working conditions of Filipinos, following negotiations between the two countries on a labour accord.

Mr Duterte said he would visit Kuwait to witness the signing of the agreement, without giving an exact date.