Galloway's Mara Justine wows Idol judges with Whitney song

Galloway's Mara Justine wows Idol judges with Whitney song

The sole remaining Metro Atlanta contestant will be among 14 finalists for the title of "American Idol" this year. Just like him, Caleb also did a wonderful job with Bebe Rexha on the latter's song "Meant to Be". "Nobody has "aw shucks country boy" down better than you", Luke Bryan told him.

Lea Michele is in awe of Ada's vocal power. "With that voice, I'm not anxious about you", the Glee multi-talent says. It was also the last chance for the singers to duet with celebrity guests like Lea Michele (Glee), Rachel Platten, Sugarland, and Allen Stone. Luke says she's held her own with a major star.

But while both songs have been done countless times (a quick YouTube search yields hundreds of thousands), Vox manages to stamp originality into every performance, and that is the making of a real powerhouse performer. The young singer's voice was tailor-made for the Caillat song "Bubbly" she performed with the singer-songwriter. Vox auditioned multiple times as Adam Sanders and returned this season as alter-ego drag queen Ada. Five singers will be eliminated tonight after the duets. "It wasn't ideal, but perfection is boring!"

Ron Bultongez appears on "American Idol", April 15, 2018. Amelia holds her own. They go with Rexha and G-Eazy's hit collaboration "Me, Myself & I".

"I didn't quite know what to do with my body", Hutchinson said. So there's that, at least.

Just a month ago, Shannon O'Hara seemed like a talented standout in this competition. Perry challenged her to "sing something that breaks my heart" next time. The Grammy nominee tells the nervous hopeful that the best way to shine is to be herself. The performance even brought Ryan Seacrest to tears.

Next is Alyssa Raghu and Banners singing Coldplay's "Yellow". Unfortunately, the fireworks never really happen, despite Alyssa's biggest champion Katy nervously shouting, "Come on!" Lionel Richie called Vox's talent "so grand", and Luke Bryan praised how consistently this performer "brings the house down".

Marcio and Allen Stone performed "What's Going On", but Marcio only had one day to prepare, as he was originally supposed to sing with Toni Braxton. He eventually pulls it together to hit some unbelievable notes, and this winds up being the night's highlight.