Overwatch gets a Competitive 6v6 Lockout Elimination season

Blizzard have added a new competitive game mode to Overwatch.

Elimination, as the name suggests, foregoes objectives for straight-up Team Deathmatch action, while the "Lockout" rule gives it an interesting twist: Players can select any characters they want to start, but all characters chosen by the victor of each round are locked out for all members of that team for the rest of the game. Teams of six compete in a first-to-three-wins deathmatch, but the winning characters from each round are then locked out of selection for all team members in proceeding rounds.

The Competitive 6v6 Elimination season runs from now until May 7.

In "Lockout" mode, which is the version that will be played in the competitive playlist, the winning team's heroes are removed from the hero pool after each round, meaning that once a hero has been used to win it can not be selected again for the duration of the game.

Shortly afterwards, Jeff Kaplan responded to requests for additional competitive modes, stating that Blizzard meant to do more. All Elimination maps are included in the rotation, but Ayutthaya has now been added to the mix.

"To play, simply choose the Competitive Elimination card in the Arcade!"