Man arrested for stealing vehicle with 9-year-old in back seat

Man arrested for stealing vehicle with 9-year-old in back seat

The incident happened just after 1:30 am Monday morning after police pulled a vehicle near Caravelle Parkway and Weber Road.

A 23-year-old Centralia man has been arrested after allegedly entering two Centralia homes without permission and then fighting with police and correctional officers when he was taken to the Marion County Jail.

Police arrested a 15-year-old suspect on Friday morning after patrolling in the Hanover Park area.

Officers said they saw the victim's neck was swollen and her voice was hoarse.

The chase continued through northern and eastern Boone County and ended in Hallsville when the suspect vehicle hit a tire deflation device on Elizabeth Street at Highway OO.

Gutierrez later wrecks again, this time blowing out two of his tires completely.

Muntean's encounter with Santa Ana police stemmed from the theft of a woman's vehicle in Anaheim, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office, which cleared the Santa Ana officers of any wrongdoing.

Gutierrez eventually bailed out of the vehicle at a Starbucks along Saratoga Boulevard.

21-year-old Olivia J. Boomsma from Rio and 21-year-old Jacob Hellenbrand from Waunakee are facing felony charges for battery to law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

He now sits behind bars, and his bond was set at $640,000.