Grandmother on the run after allegedly killing her husband, then her look-alike

Grandmother on the run after allegedly killing her husband, then her look-alike

Deputies arrived and after interviewing witnesses and reviewing cell phone footage, Tucker was arrested (she can be heard crying as she's being placed in handcuffs).

Reinke says the Cuyahoga (ky-uh-HOH'-guh) County medical examiner's office has indicated Douglas was strangled.

Riess is wanted as a suspect in the death of Pamela Hutchinson, 59.

The authorities after further investigations informed that Riess flew to Florida, befriended her twin and killed her. Authorities began looking for Riess since last month after her husband David Riess was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds.

The reason behind her racist tirade: the Tuckers were apparently reversing their auto to park in a handicapped spot outside the restaurant when the soldiers reportedly drove around them and parked in a separate spot.

Authorities say Riess, a grandmother and mother of three, has a history of gambling addiction problems. "U.S. Marshals are actively involved in a national search for this risky fugitive". Riess' 2005 white Cadillac Escalade was found abandoned in a Florida park. The Montana Highway Patrol said her husband and a grown son were injured but Trooper Michael O'Connor said he believed the were "going to be OK".

She was also quick to admit that while all her marriages went left, it might not be exclusively the fault of her exes as she is not flawless herself.

A business partner of David Riess asked for a welfare check after he was missing from work for more than two weeks.

The man who made the approach at the petrol station is also believed to have followed that woman again for a second time - on Cleethorpes seafront at around 4pm on Saturday, April 14 - prompting her to contact the police.