Forgetful Hyderabad: Wedding dress to grandmother's picture found left in Uber cabs

Forgetful Hyderabad: Wedding dress to grandmother's picture found left in Uber cabs

Dhaka has joined Uber's Lost and Found Index this year and ranked 11th when Uber released it for the second time, the world's largest ride-sharing company said in a statement. According to Sanjay Gupta, head of marketing, Uber India, "With India emerging as the most forgetful country in APAC (Asia-Pacific) and Bangalore continuing to be the most forgetful city, we will continue to make sustained efforts in educating riders about the in-app options available to them, in case they lose something in an Uber".

Interestingly, weekends is when more riders reported lost items, along with Fridays and Mondays. Hyderabad is the fourth most forgetful city in India, preceded by Bengaluru, New Delhi and Mumbai.

"We've all been there and experienced that moment of panic when we first realized that we've misplaced an important, or even sentimental, personal item". "As we approach mercury retrograde, the time of the year generally believed to spur bouts of forgetfulness, this fun and insightful index recognises Uber's most forgetful riders and may even remind them to do a "possession pat down" before leaving the auto on their next ride", he said.

Cab users in Hyderabad showed a unique tendency of forgetting their belongings in the cabs during the sluggish post-lunch time between 12 noon and 4 pm on all days.

India tops Uber's list of most forgetful countries in Asia Pacific region, with riders leaving behind not only their phones and bags but also items like Golda chingri (prawns), kid's tricycle and LCD TV.

What could have caused greater heartache to the families are the missing wedding albums, wedding lehengas costing Rs 20,000, and, oddly, two cheques worth Rs 25,000.