WW2 bomb forces evacuation of 23000 in central Italy

WW2 bomb forces evacuation of 23000 in central Italy

Authorities in the eastern Italian town of Fano ordered some 23,000 people to evacuate after the discovery of a bomb from World War II.

The British-made bomb - loaded with more than 225 kilograms of TNT - was found on Tuesday by workers building a spillway close to the Sassonia beach in Fano, in the Marche region.

Mayor Massimo Seri announced that the city was "out of danger", as he revoked evacuation orders and allowed local shops, public offices and the hospital to reopen.

The blast will be set off after 144 hours - the maximum time required to see if the device explodes on its own if its time-delayed trigger was accidentally activated when it was dug up. During the overnight operation, railway and air traffic were suspended around the city, with the airport and sea port closed.

On Wednesday, the town hall said the bomb was neutralized in "a special and highly risky operation" by army and navy experts, who lifted it and dropped it in the sea. After that, army experts will carry out a controlled detonation.