One Killed, Two Hurt In Austin Bombings

One Killed, Two Hurt In Austin Bombings

The blast was initially investigated as a "suspicious death", but is now being considered a homicide.

Not many details about the construction of the bombs have been made public, but Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said "these are very powerful devices".

Seventeen-year-old Dralen Mason was killed in the explosion that took place on Oldfort Hill Drive. Right now, his mother is still in a hospital in stable condition.

After the third blast critically injured a 75-year-old woman around noon on Monday, a neighbor turned over surveillance video to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Anthony Stephan House was killed in the first explosion from March 2.

Austin resident Landon Thiele and his fiance have been receiving piles of packages each day as they prepare for their wedding. "They just heard a big explosion", said Beto Mendoza.

Most packages they've received are wrapped in tape from the companies they've been shipped from, but not all, Thiele said.

A series of explosions across Austin over the past two weeks appeared, at first, random, save for the fact that all of the victims had been people of color. They believe someone created them and placed them on the doorsteps themselves.

Ronnie Garcia, fleet supervisor with Ace Delivery, said they've been making sure to remind customers to double check the packages they receive if they're awaiting a shipment. "Everything else can get replaced, but their lives, they can't", Mendoza said. "Don't touch it, but look at it to ensure it has a stamp".

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has offered a $15,000 cash reward to anyone who can provide useful information about the perpetrators of these attacks.