Microsoft blames Sony for continued lack of Fortnite cross platform play

Microsoft blames Sony for continued lack of Fortnite cross platform play

Fortnite Battle Royale is the latest game attempting to offer cross-platform gameplay, but is hitting some snags.

Even though the best mobile games generally end up on a console, there's still a huge divide between what touchscreen gamers can play and what PC, Nintendo Switch or PS4/PS Vita owners enjoy.

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the first opportunities for Xbox and Playstation gamers have been able to play against each other and it is a shame that Sony is blocking the cross-platform gameplay. Fortnite's mobile controls seem similar to other mobile games, with a touch joystick on the left side of the display and face buttons for actions like aiming down the scope, jumping, and crouching. Back in the Xbox 360 era, Microsoft, which had the more successful system for a time, wasn't as interested in cross-platform play then.

Epic promised that Fortnite on mobile would be the full experience, and from what little we can glean, that appears to be the case.

In 2016, Microsoft revealed a proposal for cross-play between Windows 10 and Xbox One, for titles such as Rocket League Players across both the platforms, something that was already running on the PS4 and Steam users. However, Sony which boasts of having the highest monthly console sales in the US is apparently refusing to play ball. Currently, it is not open to all.

Epic Games have confirmed that they will not be able to bring every aspect of Fortnite to Mobile.

To win the game you have to be the last person standing, either through hiding or by eliminating everyone else in your way.

The power of the Unreal Engine driving Fortnite Battle Royal is the true hero in this story.

Luckily, rather than instantly pitting mobile players against PC players and the ensuing bloodbath that will follow, Epic have come up with a rather interesting solution. Any players who believe their account has been compromised should reach out to our player support immediately'. If not you can register also.

Fortnite Battle Royal has taken the gaming community by storm. Sign up at the link provided. Epic has previously stated that their waiting list will be long and that they're only picking a select few, but if you are selected you will also get some codes to send to friends.