Finland named world's happiest country in 2018

Finland named world's happiest country in 2018

A very high proportion of the worldwide differences in immigrant happiness (as shown in Chapter 2), and of the happiness gains for individual migrants (as studied in Chapters 3 and 5) are thus explained by local happiness and source country happiness.

Thanks to the country of Bhutan, which came in 97th place this year, happiness has been an important metric for various countries after the prime minister proposed World Happiness Day to the United Nations. What is different for 2018 is that the poor United States of America, a country that went from 13th to 14th place last year, tumbled to 18th place this year.

Finland secured the top spot in the report, rising from fifth place a year ago to oust Norway. He said a society's happiness seems contagious. Two more Nordic countries follow: Denmark and Iceland.

"It's a great thing to live in the happiest country although it's snowing and we are walking in this wet snow", said Helsinki resident Inari Lepisto, 28. Egyptian Nourhan Maher said: "Only in the UAE can you leave your bag temporarily in a coffee shop and come back to find it".

Commenting on the report, Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, based in Denmark, told HuffPost UK: "The Nordic "secret" to happiness lies in their ability to limit misery - that is, people who report very low levels of happiness".

Happiness revealed in the survey comes from healthy amounts of both personal freedom and social security, outweighing "some of the highest taxes in the world", Wiking said to AP.

Finland took top honours in that category too, giving the country a statistical double-gold status. He added that the finding "shows the conditions that we live under matter greatly to our quality of life, that happiness is not only a matter of choice".

Germany came in at number 15, ahead of the United States (18th) and the United Kingdom (19th).

"The in the midst of a complex and worsening public-health crisis, involving epidemics of obesity, opioid addiction, and major depressive disorder that are all remarkable by global standards", writes the chapter's author, Jeffrey Sachs, director of Columbia University's Center for Sustainable Development.

Nordic nations in particular usually score highly on the report, the Associated Press reported.

In fact, he noted, the 10 countries that scored highest in overall happiness also had the happiest immigrants.

The social happiness list is calculated using measures for factors like levels of caring, freedom to make life decisions, generosity, good governance, honesty, health and income. During the winter months, the sun doesn't rise at all for 51 days in Lapland, northern Finland.