Cuomo says conviction of ex-aide an 'aberration'

Cuomo says conviction of ex-aide an 'aberration'

"People somehow knew they were supposed to hire Todd Howe, because he was close to the governor, to get things done in the executive branch", Horner said, referring to an ex-lobbyist who acted as the conduit between contractors and Percoco, his longtime friend, and who accepted a plea bargain to testify for the prosecution. "We strive for total integrity and this is a total aberration from the people who work in the administration". The governor grew testy when asked about Republican attempts to tie him to the scandal, calling it "political garbage".

"Today's verdict is a win against the rampant corruption in this state and a knockout blow to the Cuomo crime family's way of doing business", said Errigo.

Republicans also focused on a side issue raised in the trial: Percoco used his government office 68 times and made 837 phone calls in 2014 when he was off the public payroll and managing Cuomo's re-election campaign.

The governor told reporters that there was "absolutely no suggestion ever made that I had anything to with anything".

Mr. Cuomo told reporters on Wednesday that he had not been implicated in the trial at all, despite Republicans' efforts to link his name to Mr. Percoco's.

Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Group said Cuomo should have sought an opinion from the state's Joint Commission on Public Ethics before allowing Percoco to use a government office while working on the campaign.

He continued: "He was there for a very long time, he was in an important position, and he would come back and he was handling the transition".

"The single best ethics reform, which makes everything else moot, is no outside income in government", Cuomo said.

The New York Democrat, who spoke out against the National Rifle Association following the shooting, seemed happy to join chanting students. "Which is fine. But, there should be no other work done from a government office besides that transition work and in the trial there was a suggestion that there was and that's a violation of the rules".

In his public appearance, Cuomo also repeated sentiments he shared through a statement yesterday on his personal relationship with Percoco. The governor took questions after attending a student walkout protest in Manhattan.

"On a personal level this is both sad and shocking".