Can't get a millennial railcard? Virgin 'avo' solution

Can't get a millennial railcard? Virgin 'avo' solution

If there's one thing we've been led to believe about millennials, it's that they really love avocados. More than owning their own homes apparently. reports how a statement on the rail firm's website reads: "Did you miss out on the chance to get your hands on the 26-30 railcard?"

And no, it's not April Fools' Day yet (We checked, twice).

In response, Virgin announced a weird PR stunt in which travellers would still be entitled to the same saving if they presented an avocado when booking their ticket. So start raiding that fruit bowl now!

Present an avocado and ID showing proof of age, such as a driving licence or passport at a Virgin Trains ticket offer, and any customer aged between 26 and 30 can get a third off their rail fare between 13 and 20 March.

'And after buying their tickets, the #Avocard can be enjoyed as a healthy snack!'

Sure the "Millennial #Avocard" might just be a gimmicky marketing stunt but if it means saving a little dollah and finally visiting that one mate half way across the country (you know the one who refuses to live in London), then surely you can't go wrong.

People on Twitter have been reacting to the announcement with some scepticism and a bit of confusion.

The deal is only available at Virgin Trains West Coast stations and on journeys on this line, which runs between London Euston and Glasgow.