Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has no idea what groceries cost

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has no idea what groceries cost

During a visit to Ellen on Wednesday, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was asked to play a fun little game called "Bill's Grocery Bills" in which he would have to guess the approximate prices of everyday grocery store items. Which is why he struggled in a parody version of "The Price Is Right".

Well, the audience shouldn't have held their breath. Gates thought cheap stuff, like Rice-A-Roni and Totino's Pizza Rolls were way more expensive than they actually are, and guessed expensive items, like Tide Pods, are way cheaper than their $19.97 price tag.

However, Gates admitted that the last time he was at a supermarket, was a long time ago and it became abundantly clear that Gates would have a hard time with the game when his first guess was wrong.

He was spot on with the floss, though, so at least we know he has good dental hygiene. Way to keep up that dental hygiene, Bill. (For the record, it costs $3.66.) Of course, Gates has a far better excuse than, say, Lucille Bluth for his sticker shock: he's been a bit busy working to improve the world and global health, so perhaps we should give him a pass.

Not satisfied with making him participate, Ellen also decided that Gates' success would determine whether or not the audience went home with a prize.

By the time Gates had reached the final item - a frozen spinach dip - he looked so over his televised humiliation that he required numerous prompts.