BC Wine Institute to take legal action against Alberta

BC Wine Institute to take legal action against Alberta

It says it's seeking an interim injunction against the ban because the B.C. wine industry has been unfairly targeted in a dispute that has nothing to do with its industry, and that B.C. wineries will suffer irreparable harm if the injunction is not granted.

The B.C. Wine Institute says it is seeking an injunction against Alberta's ban on vintages from this province, calling the move "unconstitutional".

Institute lawyers will be in court Monday morning.

Prodan says the institute also believes it is "unconstitutional to prohibit the import of Canadian goods into another province based exclusively on where they come from". "We need to end this prohibition of B.C. wines".

Ninety-three of B.C.'s 276 wineries responded to the survey.

The organization said it believes that the banning of Canadian goods from being imported into another province because of where it's from is unconstitutional. "All Canadians should be concerned, because if wine can be prohibited based on its province of origin, so can any product from any other province", Prodan said.

British Columbia's NDP government announced this week that it is challenging the ban by formally requesting consultations under the Canadian free trade agreement's dispute settlement process. They also said the total net value of B.C. wine sales to the province in 2017 totalled $70 million.

The disagreement began shortly after B.C. Premier John Horgan's government announced a proposal to restrict increased shipments of diluted bitumen while it studies the environmental impact of a potential spill.