Tinder goes toe-to-toe with Bumble with upcoming feature

Tinder goes toe-to-toe with Bumble with upcoming feature

Tinder's implementation is different in that it allows women to opt out of the option, whereas on Bumble it is the standard.

To reinforce the notion of even matches, Tinder will continue to run with the rule of men and women needing to swipe yes on each another to begin messaging.

Mark Brehaut, a Rutgers alumnus, felt that as the popularity of apps like Tinder and Grindr surge through the millennial generation, the depth of actual interest in and communication with a match declines.

The app's defining feature proved a success, netting it 22 million users by November, and over $100 million in sales (from ads and in-app purchases) in 2017.

Tinder and Bumble have always been in competition.

A future update will add a new setting that leave it up to women to decide if they want to start a conversation with their matches. It will also be tested ahead of a public launch - as most of Tinder's features today are - we hear.

Wolfe Herd has commented on Tinder's new Bumble-inspired feature, saying that her company applauds those who implement business decision that benefit women empowerment.

"Often, women don't really want the pressure of kicking off the conversation, but if they want it, that's great", noted Mandy Ginsberg, the chief exec of Tinder's owner Match, in an interview with MarketWatch. Coffee Meets Bagel uses up points to "like" a potential match, forcing people to be more selective on whom they give a like to, as opposed to Tinder where users can swipe right more liberally.

This isn't the first change the company has made to cater to women's needs.

That said, it makes sense to offer a setting, not an entire app, for something like this.

Women may turn the feature on or off, if so they choose.

The idea of empowering women to talk first is inherent to dating app Bumble's identity.