Third International Solar Energy Exhibition Kicks Off in Marrakech

Third International Solar Energy Exhibition Kicks Off in Marrakech

Co-organized over three days by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development, in partnership with the Energy Investment Company (SIE) and the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN), this edition aims "to make professionals aware of the importance of investing in solar energy in Africa". "Their capital will allow us to get more solar on the grid and create more jobs in 2018", says Aaron Halimi, founder and president of Renewable Properties.

San Francisco-based Renewable Properties, a 2017-founded company that specializes in developing and investing in small-scale utility and commercial solar projects in the US, has closed a new $12.5 million capital commitment from New Energy Capital Partners to develop, finance and operate solar projects for utilities, local governments and large commercial entities. "Given plenty of volatility out of Washington, we need to make sure Vermont's policies keep us on track towards our climate and clean energy commitments".

President Donald Trump approved the new tariffs on imported solar panels on January 22. New rules encourage community solar projects and help ratepayers, who subsidize the above market rates utilities are required to pay for power generated under the program.

The result of that and other rules changes was that "Vermont saw its first-ever decline in customer solar installations", Renewable Energy Vermont said.

According to organizers, "Photovoltaica 2018" provides a platform for the attendees to showcase their products relating to power generation and renewable energy.

Riley Allen, deputy commissioner of the Vermont Department of Public Service, which regulates energy industries, said the 2017 dip in solar jobs in Vermont needs to be seen in the context of an industry that has been booming in recent years.

Allen, also citing the Solar Foundation, said that despite its larger percentage drop in solar jobs, Vermont actually moved up in solar jobs per capita, from No. 3 in the country in 2016 to No. 1 in 2017.

"It's a very robust period of growth, never mind the decline from 2016 to '17", Allen said.