Palestinian terrorist gets 4 life sentences for Salomon family murders

Palestinian terrorist gets 4 life sentences for Salomon family murders

An Israeli military court on Thursday sentenced Palestinian prisoner Omar al-Abed, 19, to four life sentences for stabbing and killing three Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank in July.

"In the attack, al-Abd walked from his village to Chalamish and carried out the attack, murdering three people - Yosef Salomon, Hy" d, age 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon, Hy" d, 46, and Elad Salomon, Hy" d, 36 - as the family gathered for Shabbos in the home of Yosef, the family patriarch, to celebrate the birth of a grandson.

An Israeli military court has sentenced a Palestinian resistance fighter to four life sentences after three settlers were killed in an illegal outpost a year ago, according to Ynet News. But, eventually al-Abed overcame Elad, regained the knife and stabbed him numerous times until he was dead.

He successfully got past four different fences around Halamish. Michal Solomon, the wife of Elad, ran with the couple's five children to the safety of an upstairs room that she locked before calling security services. Despite the fact that five members of his family were convicted last August of failing to prevent the attack, the State made a decision to advise the Court that in its opinion, demolishing additional floors where the terrorist himself did not live should be avoided. At that point, a neighbor, an off-duty soldier who heard the screams, managed to shoot and wound the terrorist through the kitchen window.

The floor of the family home where Abed lived was sealed with cement by the military, though the Salomon family has petitioned to demolish the entire structure.

Israel says the demolishing of terrorists' homes is an effective means of deterring future attacks, though the practice has been criticized as a form of collective punishment. "We must continue pushing our legislation mandating the death penalty in cases like these".

Despite the MAG's recommendation of four life sentences, the Judea Military Court still could have handed down an execution verdict, but chose to side with the MAG in a 2-1 vote. In light of the existing law, a Yisrael Beytenu spokesperson confirmed to The Times of Israel, the death penalty would extend to Palestinians convicted of killing IDF soldiers as well as civilians. In the majority opinion, the judges wrote that "we considered the death penalty for this case".