Nintendo shows off more Labo

Nintendo shows off more Labo

Nintendo Labo is certainly a new and unique concept in the world of video games that may have had you scratching your head when it was first revealed. Its uniqueness raises the question of how it all works, and how does the physical hardware actually interact with the games. Firstly, the make section shows what the Labo kits come with, and how the software will guide you through the process of creating toy-cons (which is the term that Nintendo has coined for your cardboard constructions).

How to use each part of the kit and what each game would offer was still a mystery.

The play section of the trailer shows how you'll be able to use your creations. The Toy-Con Piano, which is a 13-key pianto that players can record their own songs on, The Toy-Con Motorbike, a game which puts players in control of their on motorcycle to face off against CPU opponents, and Toy-Con Fishing Rod, which lets you catch and friend aquatic creatures.

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The Robot Kit will be available to purchase at launch. The first two videos show the Variety Kit and Robot Kit respectively, both of which will release on April 27.

Tuck into all the latest details on Nintendo Labo below.