NBC analyst Bode Miller apologizes after blaming skier's bad results on marriage

NBC analyst Bode Miller apologizes after blaming skier's bad results on marriage

During slalom coverage, Miller's co-host Dan Hicks brought up a knee injury that knocked Austria's Anna Veith down in the rankings. Turns out, she's torn her ACL and got married since then, the latter of which NBC commentator Bode Miller believes affected her performance.

Veith, who tied the knot with retired Austrian snowboarder Manuel Veith in April 2016, ranked 12th in the ladies' giant slalom event. "Yeah, I apologize", he said, adding that the comment was "an ill-advised attempt" at joking. And it's historically very challenging to race on the World Cup with a family or after being married.

Former U.S. Olympian Bode Miller says his marriage analysis was just a bad joke. "Not to blame the spouses, but I just want to get that out there that it could be your husband's fault".

The backlash against Miller's comments on marriage came quickly on Twitter.

Miller also apologized later on in the NBC broadcast adding that he was an athlete who competed after getting married and knows how beneficial it is.

Sports Illustrated noted that Miller won a bronze medal for super-G in Sochi, after he married Morgan Beck in 2012. I know the support team you need. And if you have the luxury of relying on a spouse I know they are inevitably your biggest supporter.

After receiving pushback on Twitter for the comments, Miller clarified his meaning on social media, tweeting, "To be clear I was not seriously blaming Anna Veith's lack of results on her husband. It's a changing of priorities that is historically hard, male or female". And on Valentine's Day I didn't mean to throw spouses under the bus.

Miller has won six medals in the Winter Olympics, the most of any US skier, two silvers in Salt Lake City 2002, a gold, silver and bronze in Vancouver 2010 and a bronze in 2014.