Lauren Cohan may return to The Walking Dead for season 9

Lauren Cohan may return to The Walking Dead for season 9

In that same interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nicotero also said there's "much less talking about what's going on" in the second half of the season. Luckily, we'll never have to decide, since regardless of these pithy ads, The Walking Dead won't return until after the Winter Olympics shuts its doors for another four years.

There's not long to wait for the show to return, and the looming death of Carl Grimes is bound to be elephant in the room.

The Walking Dead, unlike other hit USA shows like Game of Thrones, has shied away from nudity until now.

Nothing really says Valentine's Day like getting some news that we're about to get a fully naked zombie on the show.

But actor Andrew admitted he'd wanted his character to be completely nude for the scene, which saw Jadis taunt Rick.

"I was desperate to be naked". I said, 'One take, ' I said, 'Please, with just the cowboy boots. She was even said to have rejected AMC's offer of a "modest salary increase" in exchange for a long-term contract agreement. After all, as a viewer, it's disillusioning that not one of the thousands of zombs featured on the show have been caught in the nude.

Jadis introduced a fully weaponised walker, kitted out in a metal suit which featured jagged spikes protruding from it.

In recent months, The Walking Dead has been dogged by falling ratings and a change of power at the top, but it hasn't stopped the network putting its full might behind the series as it moves into another new chapter.