New Bart Train Picks Up First Passengers

New Bart Train Picks Up First Passengers

BART officials said that's really important because since the agency ordered 775 new cars in 2012, ridership has grown 14 percent.

BART's original timeline called for the first of hundreds of new cars to go into service in 2016, but delays caused by electrical problems pushed the start date into November 2017.

Easy to use: routes are color coded like the BART system map, and next stop information is readily available via automated announcements and digital screens. "These new cars are going to decrease crowding and improve passenger comfort".

For the initial phase of carrying passengers, the new train will run on the Richmond to Warm Springs/South Fremont line during non-peak hours Monday-Friday (9am-3pm and 8pm until Midnight) and on weekends.

There are additional 10 cars in the transit agency's facilities, which require safety testing and approval from the CPUC before BART puts the cars into service.

The new 10-car train sat in Oakland's MacArthur Station Friday morning for a ribbon-cutting ceremony with transit officials, politicians and employees, before taking off on the Richmond line. Many are just hoping the extra standing room will help alleviate the constant congestion.

The new cars have a suite of new concepts such as micro-plug doors and wheels with a new profile, both of which make the ride quieter.

The wait for new rail cars to go into service has been a long time coming.

BART officials were thrilled about the new cars' potential to relieve crowding on trains, get passengers in an out of cars and get riders at least some of what they've asked for such as a quieter and cleaner ride.

"We are on our way to upgrading the system", Allen said.

More cars are being assembled and will be shipped to BART in February.