Ohio Valley schools honored for high graduation rates

Ohio Valley schools honored for high graduation rates

"Nine of the 14 non-charter high schools increased their graduation rates in 16-17".

Bonnell said the 2017 graduation rate may increase as he has to contact IDOE officials to fix some data issues that should've been resolved in an earlier appeals process. The state's 2017 graduation rate ranks as the lowest since the 2010-2011 school year - and its non-waiver graduation rate in 2017 was even lower (by.3%) than that year.

The district has made increasing the number of students who graduate a priority in recent years, including by hiring high school graduation coaches who are tasked with helping students get to the finish line.

"We are proud of Homestead High School's graduation rates", said Homestead principal Park Ginder. "As long as we can stay within the mid 90s, as far our graduation rate is concerned, I'm going to be pretty excited about it".

Lee County's high school graduation rates have again improved, according to the 2016/17 graduation report released by the Florida Department of Education.

"There's always an overall picture that goes into a graduation rate on how did we get to that number", he said.

"Many high schools showed improvement in graduation rates this past year,"the release stares".

"We recognize there is still work to be done, and will continue to partner with local districts to ensure every student graduates prepared for life beyond high school", state Superintendent Jennifer McCormick said in a statement. In 2016, the school saw 94.2 percent of the cohort graduate.

Officials gathered in Charleston Friday to recognize almost 70 schools from throughout the state which had graduation rates of 90 percent or higher for the 2016-17 school year.

Fort Wayne Community Schools posted a graduation rate of 88.95 in 2017. Eighty-three percent of students graduated, up 6 percentage points from 2016. "We are very glad our students are seeing the importance of graduation".

Pioneer High School's graduation rate for 2017 was 86.3 percent. They had a graduation rate of 61 percent, down 14 percentage points from a year ago.