'I'm getting better,' El-Zakzaky tells journalists in Abuja

'I'm getting better,' El-Zakzaky tells journalists in Abuja

El-Zakzaky had been held by the federal government for more than two years over what the government said was an attempt to breach national security.

The leader of Islamic movement of Nigeria (IMN), popularly known has Shiite group Shiek Ibrahim El-Zakzaky on Saturday spoke to newsmen.

The Shiite leader and his wife have been in detention of the DSS since the December 2015 clash of his members with the military in Zaria, Kaduna State.

In a brief video on Channels, Mr. El-Zakzaky is seen walking unsteadily out of a building to speak to journalists.

Sheikh El-Zakzaky: If they agree and allow me (He says so jokingly) Journalist: How are you feeling now?

"I thank God. I am improving", el-Zakzaky told reporters in the interview which was apparently arranged by the secret police holding him in an unknown facility in the capital city Abuja.

The clarification by the DSS on El-Zakzaky's health condition came on the heels of speculations of his worsening state of health and rumours of death.

"For us, Nigeria must remain peaceful, stable and trust in the government and security agencies to provide the enabling environment to allow residents, citizens and everyone as far as you are law abiding to pursue their legitimate businesses".

Journalist: How are you feeling now?

Journalist: Do you have anything to add.

Members of the IMN group have been staging series of processions across the northern states demanding their release.

Sheikh: I thank you for all your prayers.