Nintendo reportedly wants to increase its mobile gaming output

Nintendo reportedly wants to increase its mobile gaming output

Nintendo is looking to expand its mobile business outside of its partnership with developer DeNA, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The failure to meet this goal is likely what led Nintendo to start looking at partnering with new mobile developers, as well as the growth of the mobile game industry as a whole.

In an effort to change this pace, Wall Street Journal's sources say the company believes it can "raise the pace of new titles" by collaborating with new companies.

It shouldn't be surprising why, as Nintendo had wanted five games to come out this year, not four.

According to new reports from The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is now branching out to work with even more mobile developers to produce more future projects to the likeness of Animal Crossing's success. The Wall Street Journal reported sales of Animal Crossing titles for the Nintendo 3DS have risen in recent weeks after the introduction of the free-to-download smartphone title, so it is a good sign for the company. The company apparently plans on working with the developers in a proper partnership.

The point of these mobile games, according to Nintendo executives, is not to wring more revenue out of each game, but to bring fans to the console version. Through DeNA, Nintendo was able to release "Miitomo", "Super Mario Run", "Fire Emblem Heroes", and most recently, "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp".

WSJ also reports that Nintendo has been in contact with GungHo Online Entertainment, the creators of the Puzzles and Dragons mobile game but a GungHo spokeswoman denied that talks with Nintendo took place.

The company also has plans to produce more revenue through its mobile game division, as that aspect of the company has only produced ¥20 billion, or $176 million, in revenue so far - a number that has fallen short of investor expectations.

Nintendo to offer more developers a chance to bring a beloved IP to the smartphone and tablet market?

What kind of mobile games could we see from Nintendo in the future, and who might they partner with?

For now, we'll have to wait and see just what Nintendo officially announces in the future along with what other Nintendo IP will receive the mobile development treatment next.