USA top diplomat, others meet in Paris to support Lebanese PM

USA top diplomat, others meet in Paris to support Lebanese PM

"The aim of the meeting is to support the political process at this sensitive period".

After brief opening statements to the media on Friday, the dignitaries retreated to an ornate, gold-trimmed room for discussions. The meeting shows global support for Hariri, who resigned under unusual circumstances and then rescinded his resignation.

It's the first major gathering of key nations to discuss Lebanon's future since a crisis erupted following Hariri's shock resignation last month while in Saudi Arabia. Hariri later revoked his resignation but the affair sparked a renewed debate over foreign interference in Lebanon's domestic affairs. Lebanon is host to one million refugees from Syria, according to the U.N., and European nations have been dedicated to preserving its stability. He say that support is the "best rampart against instability" and that the world must do more to support security, but also to provide humanitarian and economic support.

Macron called Hariri's decision "a positive step" and Lebanon's stability is essential for the entire region.

The French president also said he wants to emphasize "in the strongest terms" that the region's problems won't be solved unilaterally or by imposition of might.

Speaking at a joint news conference with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and UN Deputy Secretary General Amina Mohammed, Macron said: "The recent political crisis in Lebanon was caused by local and regional tensions". Hariri has since rescinded his resignation. The Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017, announcement came at the end of the first cabinet meeting to be held since Lebanon was thrown into a political crisis following Hariri’s November 4 surprise resignation from Saudi Arabia. The US State Department said Tillerson would affirm US support for Lebanon's military and would also encourage other nations "to do more to constrain Hezbollah".

Macron urged the global community to mobilize and do more to keep security and stability in Lebanon and also provide humanitarian and economic support.