Will help develop anti-spam app in India

Will help develop anti-spam app in India

The app, called Do Not Disturb, allows Indian citizens to easily report texts and phone calls as spam.

Apple is giving "limited" help to India's telecom regulator to bring an anti-spam app to iOS, a Reuters report citing sources and documents says.

An Apple spokesman confirmed to BuzzFeed News that a new iOS feature which lets third-party apps filter junk messages would help the regulator in building an iOS anti-spam app. The problem is Apple has held concerns that helping the Indian government build the app for iOS raises privacy issues for its users as the app would have access to the iPhone's call and text logs-and thus the government potentially would too.

According to a report by Reuters, the U.S. giant has been locked in a tussle with India's telecoms regulator for more than a year.

Apple's senior director for global privacy Jane Horvath. and other Apple executives met TRAI officials in October and conveyed they would help them develop the first version of the app with limited features.

"They (Apple) are adopting dilatory tactics", said Sharma, the TRAI chief.

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