What happened when Russian Federation bought Uranium One

What happened when Russian Federation bought Uranium One

In covering the push for a second special counsel to look into Hillary Clinton and Uranium One, MSNBC's Ari Melber brought up the "media propaganda roots of this particular theory". "The next year, candidate Donald Trump cited the accusation as an example of Clinton corruption".

Rosatom acquired a majority stake in Uranium One in 2010 and bought the remainder of the company in 2013.

Smith reported that the accusation lacks evidence because the Uranium One deal was unanimously approved by representatives of nine government agencies, just one of which was the Clinton-led State Department. Other agencies represented on the committee include the departments of Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Energy and Homeland Security and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

"Hillary Clinton's State Department approved the transfer of 20 percent of America's uranium holdings to Russian Federation, while nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation", President trump said at the time.

Smith said many claims about Clinton's supposed role in the uranium sale were "inaccurate" - even as President Donald Trump and his supporters are calling for a federal investigation.

The matter took on new life after a report last month said the FBI was investigating possible Russian attempts to influence the USA nuclear sector at the time the CFIUS was considering the sale of Uranium One to Rosatom. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and others had to offer permits, and none of the uranium was exported for use by the U.S.to Russian Federation.

Trump tells Fox News that John Kelly was deeply offended that Congresswoman ‘listened in’ to condolence call
Trump tells Fox News that John Kelly was deeply offended that Congresswoman ‘listened in’ to condolence call

The report said members of the committee, including Clinton, should have known about the investigation and it questioned why they would have approved it. During the segment Carlson argued the sale of Uranium One was a national security threat as it ceded control of American uranium to Russian Federation.

The segment was surprising given that a number of broadcasters on Smith's own network have promoted the idea that Clinton broke the law in approving the sale to foreign buyers who also donated to her husband's foundation. As secretary of state, she technically had a seat on the panel.

"The accusation, first made by Peter Schweizer, the senior editor-at-large of the website Breitbart, in his 2015 book, 'Clinton Cash, '" Smith said. He and others have pointed to some of the investors in the deal and their ties to former President Bill Clinton and his foundation.

The Fox News host began the segment by summarizing the particulars of the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian firm with rights to mine United States uranium. The speech was paid for by a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin as it promoted Uranium One stock.

"Here, the timing is inaccurate", Smith said, noting that the source of the majority of the donations, Frank Giustra, said he sold his stake in the uranium company before the company was sold and before Clinton became secretary of State. Giustra has said he sold his stake in the deal in 2007, while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In his segment, Smith then stated what the allegations against Clinton were.