Tot's brother 'saw stepdad murder him 50 years ago'

Tot's brother 'saw stepdad murder him 50 years ago'

Peter Booth a witness in the trial of David Dearlove at Teesside Crown Court who is accused of killing 19-month-old Paul Booth in October 1968.

Dearlove, now of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, denies murder, manslaughter and three charges of cruelty.

Instead, a court was told yesterday, Dearlove swung the toddler around and "smashed" his head into a fireplace.

Peter was not questioned by police at the time but - after several attempts to have the case reopened - he was interviewed in 2015, the court heard.

Peter Booth, 53, told Teesside crown court that he had come downstairs hungry or thirsty.

Prosecutor Richard Wright QC said: "The police interviewed Peter as a witness for the very first time in 2015".

'The death of Paul Booth had been no accident, it had been as the result of a deliberate act.

"What he said in that interview is what has led us here, 50 years on, to the trial of David Dearlove for the murder of his stepson, Paul Booth".

The court heard that the boys' mother, Carol Booth, had three children, including a girl called Stephanie, and they lived in Haverton Hill, near Stockton.

The jury heard that doctors found multiple bruises of "differing ages" and Paul had suffered numerous "non-accidental injuries".

The jury was told that Mr Dearlove allegedly abused Paul's two siblings, which account for the cruelty charges.

The prosecutor said that Peter Booth contacted David Dearlove Jr to demand he remove the photograph from Facebook and chose to contact police.

Mr Wright said Peter was "extremely scared" of him, due to being regularly assaulted, including being held under the water in the bath.