Serena Williams to say 'I do' to fiance Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams to say 'I do' to fiance Alexis Ohanian

The luxury wedding, which is set to take place on Thursday, comes just 11 weeks after the famous athlete gave birth to their daughter, Alexis, who will there on the big day, with a baby sitter on hand for the duration. In a report from the Daily Mail, the publication reported that the brand new parents are getting married on the 16th of November.

While some reports have suggested that the guest list will be large and include stars including Kris Jenner, our sources say the event is just for very close friends including Ciara, Kelly Rowland, La La Anthony and Eva Longoria, as well as Serena's sisters including Venus.

In other news, Serena Williams recently complained that her fiancé spends a little bit too much money on toys for their baby.

It is believed that attendees are banned from posting on social media as Serena has signed a deal with Vogue for exclusive pictures of the wedding. In a Twitter post, she wrote: "if he buys one more outfit or toy for Olympia, I'm going to explode". She said that it was meant to be a private photo. Although their family life has been great as of late, not everyone has been sensitive to their fortunate circumstances.

Ilie Nastase made an inappropriate comment about Alexis and Serena not long ago when he asked the question, "what color will it be? Chocolate or milk?" His words were widely condemned by people in the tennis community as well as those in popular culture in general.