Maryland fishermen make rare catch near Ocean City

Maryland fishermen make rare catch near Ocean City

A Maryland fishing party may have made a rare catch- a 105-pound (47-kilogram) opah, or moonfish.

The crew smiles with their 105 pound catch.

The fish was caught by the four men after an hour and thirty minute fight. And not only did they catch the big orange fish, they also caught an 80-100 pound sword fish. Ensor said in a video produced by Sunset Marina that he originally thought the fish was a tuna before realizing it was the rare opah.

The opah Ensor and his friends caught might be one of the only ones ever caught in Ocean City by a non-commercial fishing boat.

"It was great", said Ensor.

According to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the moonfish can be found in open waters in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, but catching one is rare off the East Coast. It is also the only known warm-blooded fish, giving it an advantage as a predator in the depths of the ocean.

Ensor lays the opah next to their swordfish catch.

For Ensor and his young crew, he added, "To see some of the older guys that have taught me everything I know reach out and be pretty stoked about it, that's really cool to see".

Ensor and his crew have planned to enjoy the fish, which is known for a rich and creamy taste.

The Division of Natural Resources says they are looking into the catch, but can not now confirm, if this was the first time an opah has been caught in Maryland.