Indian man claims strip of land between Egypt and Sudan

Indian man claims strip of land between Egypt and Sudan

Summary: DEHRADUN: Suyash Dixit, a 24-year-old businessman from Indore, has proclaimed himself "king" of a 2,000 sq km area between Egypt and Sudan, which is the largest unclaimed habitable territory in the world.

Dixit learnt about this unclaimed land, Bir Tawil when he was travelling for a conference in Cairo. The boundary issue of the place is as a result of a border drawn up by the British in 1899.

"The route that I took is under Egyptian military (it is an worldwide border) and is an area of terrorists so military have "shoot at sight" orders", Dixit said on Facebook, the Telegraph reported Tuesday.

"I, Suyash Dixit, first of my name and the protector of the realm, declare myself as the king of "Kingdom of Dixit". He is now encouraging interested parties to apply for citizenship.

Suyash Dixit planted a flag to establish the "Kingdom of Dixit" in barren Bir Tawil. You need permissions to even enter the route to this place.

Suyash had some rules that he has to follow to reach that place and describing them and wrote that, "We [had] three conditions; no photos of military areas, be back in a single day and no valuables". He spent two nights planning his trip into the desert and convincing a local driver to bring him to the remote location. "I have added a seed and poured some water on it today". (Please?) This is no joke, I own a country now!

Dixit is not the first person to make such claims. In 2014 a Virginia father travelled to Bir Tawil with the aim of making his daughter a princess of the "Kingdom of North Sudan". However, law expert Anthony Arend previously told The Washington Post that under worldwide law, only a state can claim sovereignty over a territory.