At least three killed in California school shooting

At least three killed in California school shooting

The shooter himself has been killed by police and several victims are now being treated at a local hospital. Ten people have been hospitalized, authorities say. The assailant, yet to be identified by police, opened fire in several locations, including an Elementary School. He says he and his roommate told police that their neighbour was acting "crazy" and threatening them. "They went around the community shooting at the schools!"

At least two of the injured are children, officials said, and the dead are all adults.

Quist said about 10:30 a.m. local time that parents were able to get to the school to see their children. No one was killed at the school.

Johnston said the gunman, apparently frustrated, left the school grounds and resumed his random shooting before crashing the vehicle. Brian Flint said that his neighbor, whom he knows only as Kevin, also stole his truck.

It was "very clear" early on that "we had a subject that was randomly picking targets", he said. A semi-automatic rifle and two handguns were recovered from one of the crime scenes, police said.

Reporter Sara Stinson, calling Action News Now from the police roadblock, told the news channel there is a shot-up, taped-off truck on the road, and several anxious parents unable to get past the roadblock and struggling to find a cellphone signal.

"That evolved to multiple victims and multiple shots at the school, the elementary school", he told Action News Now, a TV news channel in Northern California.

Another witness, Casey Burnett, said the gunman was "driving around and shooting randomly from his vehicle". Mercy Dignity Health confirmed that the hospital has received three patients.

Law enforcement officers from a range of agencies have responded to the incident, including the Highway Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A reporter at Action News Now described anxious parents trying to get to their children at Rancho Tehama Elementary.