Giant snake on the loose wrangled by Florida detective

Giant snake on the loose wrangled by Florida detective

Detective Shaw, of the Leon County Sheriff's Office, skillfully wrangled up a 9-foot-long yellow anaconda from a grassy area near a roadway in Tallahassee.

She took a large tree branch and used it to put the snake into a gym bag.

It's no surprise Shaw was the first detective the Florida based Sheriff department called upon as she actually has her own fundraiser benefiting the Leon County Humane Society.

A police officer and a giant snake faced off in Leon County, Florida, and the officer walked away victorious.

While she is maneuvering the boa the man filming her says: "Emily Shaw you are insane, you are insane girl!" She makes quick work of the anaconda, securing it inside the duffel bag in a matter of minutes.

Officials believe the snake was someone's pet that either escaped or was released.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission warns that setting exotic pets free is illegal and likely to result in the animal's death.