Game of Thrones star says cast won't get scripts for season 8

Game of Thrones star says cast won't get scripts for season 8

Game of Thrones' eighth and final season has a lot of expectations placed on it. Please. I beg of you. Marlon Brando used them for films like The Godfather, and although we're not saying that there's not a Brando-esque on the set, we're also saying that it is occasionally hard to deliver lines when you haven't had a lot of time to study them and work on them. "And then after a couple of years, they got paranoid because there was some leaks so we had to get them only digital, on a PDF file".

"And then that got a little worse so they had to do these verified emails".

"[In] the first season, we got the scripts like you should get them and then you could sit and do notes and stuff", Coster-Waldau explained. "Now we are going to do a scene, we will be told what's going to happen and then we roll", he told Scandinavian talk show Skavlan. Actors in each scene are equipped with earpieces and are fed their dialogue to deliver, line by line.

During the show's broadcast of series seven scripts were released after a hacker breached HBO's computer network and, in a separate incident, an episode was published online before its air date. Coster-Waldau previously told the Press Association that he thinks it's just a "tiny, tiny fraction of the people who love the show" who actually seek out spoilers.

"Why would you want to spoil it for yourself?" There are state secrets that exist with less protection than the freaking Game of Thrones scripts for its final season.

The HBO series is filmed in Northern Ireland, Iceland and Croatia. That will be a long battle; recent reports have indicated the show will be filming well into 2018, making a 2019 premiere more than likely.

All this to keep people from knowing the plot ahead of time.