US Will Not Defend Canada From ICBM Attack

US Will Not Defend Canada From ICBM Attack

"The extent of the USA policy is not to defend Canada", St-Amand told the House of Commons defense committee on Thursday when asked about a potential North Korean missile strike on North America.

The point here is that after a series of successful intercontinental ballistic missile tests conducted by North Korea, should Canada join America's ballistic missile defense program this year?

Gen. Pierre St-Amand, the deputy commander of the North American Aerospace Defence Command, said: "The extent of the USA policy is not to defend Canada". According to the report, this command is responsible for protecting North America from the sky and sea threats. "That's the fact I can bring to the table", he said.

Canada was asked to join the defense system in 2005 by then-president George W. Bush.

The NORAD is a Canadian and USA organization that has been created to detect, validate, and warn of an attack against these countries by missiles, aircraft, or another type of attack.

However, Mark Gwozdecky, assistant deputy minister for global security, said all evidence suggested Canada was not in North Korea's crosshairs.

"In fact, on the contrary, in recent contacts with the North Korean government, including in August when our national security adviser was in Pyongyang, the indications were they perceived Canada as a peaceful and indeed a friendly country", he said.

"There's been no direct threat to Canada", Mr Gwozdecky told the meeting.

It has always been assumed that Washington would defend its northern neighbour. Although the United States has no obligation to protect Canada, this could change depending on the context. The Pyongyang regime is seen as aggressive by many countries because it has been testing nuclear weapons and it has behaved aggressively against Japan and South Korea.