Thousands in Florida Sign Up to Shoot Guns at Hurricane Irma

Thousands in Florida Sign Up to Shoot Guns at Hurricane Irma

As winds began to pick up in the Florida Keys on Saturday, Hurricane Irma's storm surge forecast was increased to as high as 15 feet as the storm appeared headed for Tampa and Florida's Gulf Coast. Do not come back to the evacuation zones.

ASTONISHING footage shows a man being flattened as he stops to film colossal waves caused Hurricane Irma as the megastorm barrels towards the US mainland.

The storm brought memories of Hurricane Charley, which blew ashore near Fort Myers in 2004 with winds near 149 mph.

Cops in Miami have imposed a 7pm curfew on residents living within the city and an 8pm street ban on people in the Miami beach area.

Rubio acknowledged some people had fled their homes only to arrive in areas expected to be in the storm's path, but he advised people in that situation to hunker down. On the northwest side of the island, it would be blowing the water away from the shoreline. The evacuation is mandatory, but that doesn't mean people can be forced to leave. On some highways, like Interstate 4 out of the Tampa area, officials are letting people drive on the shoulder to allow cars to travel more quickly.

FAU athletic director Patrick Chun said returning Monday is a possibility, and thanked Wisconsin for offering to host the Owls for as long as they need. Did they go too far in sounding the alarm about this storm?

And Florida's governor, Rick Scott, who has been criticized for ignoring warnings about the perils of climate change, particularly for Florida, already has activated 7,000 members of the state's National Guard, while 30,000 more guardsmen are on standby.

The powerful storm, which may return to Category 4 strength, will bring dangerous and destructive winds, including gusts as high as 150 mph.

"If you know Barbuda before and what you saw, it's completely destroyed", Michael Joseph, president of the Red Cross in Antigua and Barbuda who was in Barbuda Thursday, said on MSNBC Friday. It's possible that Irma will be the worst storm to ever hit the Keys.

"This is as real as it gets, nowhere in the Florida Keys will be safe ... you still have time to evacuate", the agency said Friday on Twitter. A tropical storm warning was issued for the first time ever in Atlanta, some 200 miles from the sea. Florida's southwest coast is expected to experience a catastrophic, life-threatening storm surge of up to 15 feet, which will mean a lot of coastal areas may experience catastrophic flooding.

Monahan said she wants to ensure that things are running smoothly at her farm and that her cows will deliver their calves safely later this month. And, in many, maybe most cases, the outcome won't be as severe as feared.

The mass evacuation underway in Florida and Georgia is unprecedented, comprising millions of affected residents, and the effort has been ongoing for days.

About 30,000 people heeded orders to leave the Keys as the storm closed in, but an untold number refused, in part because to many storm-hardened residents, staying behind in the face of danger is a point of pride. Irma was set to hit the United States two weeks after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas as a Category 4 storm, killing about 60 people and causing property damage estimated at up to $180 billion in Texas and Louisiana.