Roadside bomb kills govt administrator, 4 others in Pakistan's FATA

Roadside bomb kills govt administrator, 4 others in Pakistan's FATA

At least five people, including four paramilitary troops were killed in a roadside blast in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday, an official said.

Bajaur is one of the seven tribal agencies that makes up Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas along its volatile border with Afghanistan, where Army is battling Taliban.

The blast struck a vehicle in the Mamund area of Bajaur, killing four security personnel and an official from the civilian administration, local government sources said.

Police and security forces as well as rescue team rushed to the blast site immediately after the bomb attack.

The outlawed extremist group and its breakaway factions plot attacks in the border region and elsewhere in Pakistan, saying their violent campaign is aimed at eliminating what they consider to be the current un-Islamic democratic system in the country.

Nobody immediately claimed responsibility for the bomb explosion but in the past Taliban militants have carried out several suicide bombings and other attacks in the district. Violence in Pakistan has declined in recent years following a series of military offensives.

It was against this backdrop that acting United States Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Alice Wells' scheduled trip to Pakistan was postponed last month at the request of the government of Pakistan.