Red Bull, Renault to split after 2018 F1 season

Red Bull, Renault to split after 2018 F1 season

McLaren will be powered next year by Renault, which simultaneously said it was leaving Toro Rosso - who will now be driving Honda engines.

The Austrian team and French engine-maker won four drivers' and constructors' world titles from 2010 to 2013, but they have since fallen behind Mercedes and Ferrari in the pecking order.Singapore:Red Bull boss Christian Horner said Renault's hybrid engines had "always fallen short" as speculation grew that the French supplier was about to implement a shock divorce from the multiple world champions.

Ayrton Senna's feud with fellow all-time great Alain Prost when the pair were at McLaren from 1988 to 1989 is the rivalry that has set the standard.

Red Bull wanted to generate relatable, engaging and genuine content to build rapport with fans off the track.

This follows the launch of Red Bull's recent Singlish challenge video, where the duo attempted to guess phrases such as "catch no ball", "kan cheong spider" and "fly aeroplane".

But, when the Frenchman began to put the pressure on him late in the year, Senna responded at the Portugal Grand Prix by squeezing Prost towards the pit wall. "Everybody is waiting to see what the regulations are for 2021 onwards".

Both Porsche and Aston Martin, a long-time affiliate of Red Bull, are thought to be interested in joining F1 depending on the outcome of the sport's proposed engine revamp for 2021.

Only in Formula One, and motor racing in general, is an athlete expected to beat and work alongside the same person - his team-mate.

He has arrived this year after six podiums in the last nine races.

"I hope at least it's going to be a tight and exciting one".

"He's going to have a child". Red Bull could also leave the sport and could find a new buyer in 2020, which could allow teams like Audi and Porsche to join Formula One with Horner in charge.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) attempted to ban the use of team orders in 2002, but the sport's governing body retracted the ban in 2011 as teams were continuing to find ways around the rule.

"We fortunately cleared the air then and there". "Over the past decade the Singapore race has introduced many innovative elements and become an iconic and highly anticipated event on the F1 calendar", he said.

This will also mean Red Bull could continue its association with F1 without having to spend the pompous amount that it does right now.