Koeman: Despite Signing Rooney, Lukaku Is Still Impossible To Replace At Everton

Koeman: Despite Signing Rooney, Lukaku Is Still Impossible To Replace At Everton

The Red Devils have had a promising start to the league, scoring 12 goals and amassing 10 points in four games.

"I think that was the way".

"They understand that from time to time when you move from certain areas, and certain eras as well, you have to change things and I think Mourinho has changed over the years because his management style was demanding, asking for full control".

Wayne Rooney has two goals in four appearances with the Toffees in the early going, having accomplished 15 in 67 during his first go around in Merseyside, 2002-04.

Jose Mourinho led Chelsea to three Premier League victories, but admits it will be tough to claim the trophy quite easily this season.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was burdened with much of United's goalscoring responsibility in that time, but Mourinho wants other members of the team to continue to keep the pressure off Lukaku. "You have better conditions to work and get those results", Mourinho continued. "It is the most hard country in which to win the title".

"In the second season, you have your influence at that level".

But I think he also deserves credit for that because of the way he plays, the way he is committed, what he does with and without the ball, not just the last touch and the goal but his overall contribution. "With Romelu my club made a decision to pay and they got him".

What I did with Marouane is what I do normally with every player, he said. Will he be on the bench on Sunday? No.

Despite the fact that the statistics of personal meetings remains in favor of Manchester United, last season both meetings ended in a draw with the same score 1: 1.