At Least 6 People Dead After Florida Nursing Home Loses Power

At Least 6 People Dead After Florida Nursing Home Loses Power

Of the 141 patients who were evacuated, 70 were discharged from the hospital by Thursday, city officials said.

"Dr. Jack Michel in 2006 settled claims after he and five others were accused of agreeing to send patients to his Miami hospital, Larkin Community, for unnecessary treatment, according to the Department of Justice".

CNN's reporting makes it clear the nursing home wasn't even aware that people were dead and dying in their own facility. "And we don't have shelters right now. I think it's up to us to give the most scientifically accurate information possible".

Kitchen worker Jean Lindor told the newspaper a generator allowed staff to cook but did not provide the facility with air conditioning. "We rode out that frightful storm in a shower that I had reinforced after Hurricane Marilyn", Benson added.

Scott says in a statement that the state has had multiple points of contact with the facility before the Wednesday discovery of deaths. Frustrations grew this week when some residents tried to go home but couldn't get through.

Trump addressed what he called the "very special problem" in the Florida Keys, where 90 percent of homes had at least some damage, according to FEMA. According to a Washington Post article, 15 million people in Florida, 800,000 in Georgia and 270,000 in SC were without power.

During meetings with officials Friday in the Keys, Gov. Rick Scott said he understands the frustration of residents but cautioned they could not return until it was safe. "It should be- we know this is coming and it's a week away and you need to be moving these people out", he said. "You see people immediately getting back to work to fix up their homes". "You're not going to convince a 95-year-old Holocaust survivor to do something that she doesn't want to do".

"We have here at council on aging a long term generator, and if the power goes out, for any reason, this generator will kick on and it actually is attached to the gas line underground", says Newby.

Broward County Medical Examiner Dr. Craig Mallak said after receiving some of the bodies for autopsies that the victims had been in poor health, and "it's going to be tough to tell how much was the heat and how much of it was they were sick already".

Relief from the storm is coming slowly.

Six people at a Florida nursing home that was left without power for days after Hurricane Irma have died.

The deaths came as people trying to put their lives back together in hurricane-stricken Florida and beyond confronted a multitude of new hazards in the storm's aftermath, including tree-clearing accidents and lethal generator fumes. Lauderdale area, and Miami, where streets were flooded and power was cut.

"Walking away from a boat - that is one of my family's main source of income - is very hard to (do), especially when you secure all your property and everything else knowing that you may not see it again", Barr told the TV station this week.

President Donald Trump met with federal and state leaders in Florida on Thursday as he surveyed damage from Hurricane Irma and praised the rapid response of the recovery effort.

We saw this in greater Houston from Harvey and along the 240-mile stretch of the Atlantic coast from Jacksonville, Florida, to Charleston, South Carolina as a result of Irma's storm surge and heavy rains.

Inside a sweltering nursing home, a crisis unfolded on Wednesday as 150 centers across Florida still lacked power days after Hurricane Irma ravaged the state. Police have said the deaths are under investigation. These are special, special people and we love 'em.