Suspect fatally stabs Istanbul officer in police station

Suspect fatally stabs Istanbul officer in police station

A Turkish police officer has been stabbed to death by a suspected member of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group who was arrested in relation to a planned bombing attack.

The private Dogan news service said the assailant had already been arrested and was being transported to a police station when the stabbing occurred at around 11 pm (2000 GMT).

The suspect was being taken to Istanbul's main police station at around 11pm local time, escorted by two officers, when he stabbed one of them, police said.

The police officer was taken to hospital with heavy injuries, while the suspect was shot dead by other police officers.

Last month anti-terror officers in Istanbul detained dozens of alleged IS members, several of whom were said to be preparing a "sensational attack" in Turkey, police said.

Turkey, which has been hit by a series of deadly attacks carried out by the Daesh terror group, has stepped up its anti-terrorism operations across the country as of late.

Just minutes into New Year's Day, a jihadist gunman attacked a night club in Istanbul, killing 39 people.