Actions are coming to Google Assistant on phones

Actions are coming to Google Assistant on phones

Speaking at an annual developer conference in Mountain View, California, Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai touted the company's progress with the Google Assistant, which allows users to complete various tasks through voice commands. Finally, Bluetooth pairing is also supported by the Google Home so you can play any audio from your phone on your Home speaker.

The Assistant debuted previous year on Google's own hardware, and the company has gradually extended the tool to devices from other manufacturers running on its Android operating system.

Executives are also laying out how the company is expanding the reach and capabilities of the Google Assistant, which is now available on some smartphones and an internet-connected speaker called Home.

Google has posted some additional information about the new version of Android O. This version is marked as the Android O Developer Preview 2. "They need to put that functionality where users are". Now Google is putting the focus on computer vision with a new machine learning-empowered Google Lens, coming soon to smartphones near you. It's another step to make it easier to chat naturally with the AI, like the capability for individualized voice recognition that was announced last month for households with multiple members using one Assistant-powered device, like a Home. The company is launching an app that should appear on the App Store soon.

Many of Google's products are vying against similar offerings from Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.