Paris: One policeman shot dead at Champs-Elysees

Paris: One policeman shot dead at Champs-Elysees

At least one police officer is dead and another is gravely wounded after a shooting on the Champs Elysees in the heart of Paris.The gunman was also shot dead by police in the gunfight in the heart of Paris.

One policeman was killed and another was wounded in the shooting, police said.

It was not immediately clear what motivated the attack.

An anti-terrorist investigation has been launched.

Late on Thursday night, the Amaq news agency, which is associated with Islamic State, reported that the jihadist group had claimed responsibility for the attack.

They also asked people not to "spread any misinformation" that has not come from a "trusted source". "Other policemen engaged and shot and killed the attacker", Brandet said.

France remains under a state of emergency, after a series of deadly terrorist attacks over the past several years.

According to BFMTV news channel the killer had talked of wanting to kill police officers on the Telegram messaging service.

A police helicopter was seen flying low over the area.

The world-famous avenue has been sealed off and nearby stations on the Paris Metro have been closed.

"What can you say?"

The shooting - on the most famous boulevard in the French capital, always crowded with tourists and commuters - came just two days after authorities arrested two men in the southern city of Marseille on suspicion of plotting what Paris prosecutors described as an "imminent" and "violent" attack.

Hollande, who is not running again for office in an election which holds its first round on Sunday, said: "We shall be of the utmost vigilance, especially in relation to the election".

French President Francois Hollande had already said that the authorities suspect the attack was "of a terrorist nature", according to a French 24 translation of his press conference Thursday night. "It just never ends", Trump added. She said he appeared to be acting alone.

"Our thoughts are very much with the family". Police are at this hour searching the accused gunman's house in East Paris.

Meanwhile, French Ministry of Interior Spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet told BFMTV that the assailant "got out of the vehicle and shot at the police vehicle with an automatic weapon, killing one policeman instantly".

A machine gun, two hand-guns and three kilograms of TATP explosives were found in the apartment, along with an Islamic State flag.