USA government insists Muslim airlines ban electronics

USA government insists Muslim airlines ban electronics

The Department of Homeland of Security today announced new carry-on restrictions that prevent USA -bound passengers from eight Middle Eastern countries from carrying personal electronic devices larger than a smartphone in the passenger cabin.

Since Monday, when the ban was announced, two popular non-stop Middle Eastern airlines have started informing their passengers not to carry their electronic gadgets to the cabin and have instructed them to instead put them in checked baggage. Kilani says the airline later deleted the tweet, preferring to wait for written instructions from the United States.

An official announcement from the US Department of Homeland Security was expected.

The restrictions will not apply to US -based airlines but only to foreign carriers that operate flights from certain countries directly to USA airports, according to officials, and will not apply on purely domestic flights. Royal Jordanian said the electronics ban affects its flights to New York, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal.

Passengers would be allowed to carry in their checked luggage larger devices like tablets, portable DVD players, laptops and cameras.

Isn't it risky to put electronic devices in checked baggage?

BREAKING: 12+ Middle East and African airlines flying to USA covered new security procedures. -U.S.

"That could present a threat for me because usually in my country people advice not to leave their valuables in the check-in luggage because of people stealing", said Boudellier.

The email from the TSA relating to the ban, referred to as a "circular", was supposed to stay confidential until the official statement on Tuesday.

The ban sounds similar to President Trump's travel ban on immigrants from six primarily Muslim countries, and already social media is reacting.

Passengers will still be allowed to take electronic devices onto flights departing from the U.S.

A new, confidential TSA order has been leaked that will be implemented tomorrow: between eight and 10 foreign airlines will now forbid passengers on incoming USA flights from carrying most of their electronics; customers will instead need to check them. The rules do not, therefore, apply to internal flights in America.

The 10 airports covered by the ban include major global hubs such as Dubai. They said it applies on flights headed to the United States, but not on Saudi-bound flights.

A spokesperson for Royal Jordanian was not immediately available for clarification.