United, strong, successful: PM releases statement on multiculturalism

United, strong, successful: PM releases statement on multiculturalism

"It brings back those dimensions established by Hawke and Keating with a focus on multiculturalism for all Australians... not a policy statement on welfare or for particular ethnic groups, or religions or refugees", he said.

"Australians rightly expect that everyone who is in our country, whether or not they are Australian citizens, obeys Australian laws, supports our democratic process, and treats all people with respect and dignity", the statement said.

Malcolm Turnbull has emphasised Australia's status as an "immigrant nation" but warned migrants that "practices and behaviours that undermine" Australian values have no place in Australia in a new multicultural statement today.

Freedom of thought, speech and religion are among a list of individual freedoms to be recognised as part of Australia's first multicultural statement to redefine the country's national identity.

It will continue: 'Regardless of cultural background, birthplace or religion, everyone in Australia or coming to Australia has a responsibility to engage with and seek to understand each other, and reject any form of racism or violent extremism.

The document will also refer to terrorism and the importance of keeping Australia safe.

"It takes multiculturalism away from identity politics... it makes it a policy for all of us", he told News Corp.

Those values, reported in full below, include the equality of men and woman, respect for the rule of law and allegiance to Australia, and a fundamental commitment to freedom.

The statement will hail the "positive story" of multiculturalism in Australia, assistant minister for multicultural affairs Zed Seselja said. This cultural diversity is one of our greatest assets.

"We want to see that continue and this sets out some of the direction the government sees going forward". 'So, of course, and we should always reaffirm, that there are certain things that are unacceptable'.

"Underpinning a diverse and harmonious Australia is the security of our nation", the statement says.

The Australian pointed out that Turnbull's statement removed the emphasis in previous multicultural statements on the accessibility of welfare and services for migrants, instead focusing on programs that helped migrants "become self-reliant and active members of the Australian community".