Trump's Allegations of Obama Wiretapping Him Are False: FBI, NSA

Trump's Allegations of Obama Wiretapping Him Are False: FBI, NSA

Still, amid a furore over whether Moscow tried to influence the 2016 presidential race on Trump's behalf, lawmakers said they would make public as much of their investigations as possible.

After the FBI Director James Comey said he had no information to back up a conspiracy theory pushed by US President Donald Trump on Twitter, Trump tweeted again to tease something new.

The hearing, providing the most extensive public accounting of a matter that has dogged the Trump administration for its first two months, quickly broke along partisan lines.

"Some folks may want to make comparisons to past instances where the Department of Justice and the FBI have spoken about the details of some investigations, but please keep in mind that those involved the details of completed investigations", Comey said.

The White House is distancing itself from two former senior members of Donald Trump's team amid an FBI investigation into possible connections between Trump "associates" and Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, NSA director Michael Rogers dismissed the White House suggestion that Obama asked British intelligence to spy on Trump - a claim already angrily rejected the United Kingdom.

The wiretapping allegation is part of broader investigations by the FBI and lawmakers into the conclusion by the country's intelligence community that Russian Federation meddled in the election to help Trump defeat Clinton.

Rep. Mike Turner of OH is a Republican member of the Intelligence Committee, and cautioned anyone from forming opinions based exclusively on what Comey shared Monday morning.

A lot of Republican committee members wanted the view of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and NSA on government officials leaking information to the press. "Must find leaker now!" he wrote.

The congresswoman characterized Trump's allegations as "a Saturday morning tweet when he was unaccounted for".

Trump also suggested, without evidence, that Clinton's campaign was in contact with Russian Federation and had possibly thwarted a federal investigation. Rogers confirmed that such a request would be a violation of US law and White House statements on the matter "clearly frustrates a key ally of ours". "He's often times put it in a very hard position", Speier said of Spicer on Tuesday.

Monday's hearing, one of several by congressional panels probing allegations of Russian meddling, could allow for the greatest public accounting to date of investigations that have shadowed the Trump administration in its first two months.

Republican Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Susan Collins of ME also said Sunday they had seen no evidence that the Obama administration had placed Trump under surveillance at Trump Tower, the Manhattan high-rise that houses Trump's residence, business office and campaign office. However, American intelligence officials had also reportedly found no evidence the campaign was colluding with Russian efforts to interfere with the election.

The person in question might just think they were helping a friend, or business or romantic partner, as opposed to a spook. "This is all about getting the intelligence we need, applying it to the type of protections and interventions that we can do, and then trying to lessen that threat and this certainly sounds like it could be part of that".

Nunes said: "For the first time the American people, and all the political parties now, are paying attention to the threat that Russian Federation poses". He also noted that the hacks themselves had been "noisy", as though the Russians wanted us to know they had been hacking around to damage whoever got into the White House. "They're also trying to get involved in campaigns around the globe and over in Europe".

"As with any counterintelligence investigation, this will also include an assessment of whether any crimes were committed".