Sean Spicer: I'd be happy to rewrite NYT headlines

Sean Spicer: I'd be happy to rewrite NYT headlines

Spicer, pressed on a number of Trump associates' connections to Russian operatives, claimed Manafort played a "limited role (in the campaign) for a very limited amount of time".

Comey said during a House Intelligence Committee hearing Monday that the bureau had "no information" to support tweets from Trump accusing Obama of tapping his phones before the 2016 election.

"President Obama has a major meeting on the NYC Ebola outbreak, with people flying in from all over the country, but chose to play golf!" The figure is not certain because the White House rarely confirms when Trump is golfing.

Spicer described Carter and other individuals mentioned during the hearing as "hangers-oner on the campaign". If it is indeed his ninth golf outing, that's a rate of once every 6.4 days. "I'd be glad to rewrite - I'd be glad to, if you're looking for some help".

Trump in golf attire after more than four hours at Trump International Golf Club on February 4.

Since taking office, however, Trump, an avid golfer who is reportedly a better player than his predecessor, has not shied away from his favourite pastime.

Although Manafort played no official role in the campaign between August and November, sources told CNN in December that the former chairman was still very much involved with Trump and played an informal role in the presidential transition. Also joined on the course by two-time U.S. Open champion Ernie Els. But before he ran for office, Trump was the most fervent critic of the fact that President Barack Obama regularly hit the links with friends, aides and advisers, arguing that it showed the president was unserious about fixing America's problems. Asked the next day if Trump played golf during the 4½-hour visit to the golf club, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: "I do believe he played a couple of holes".

"And so to start to look at some individual that was there for a short period of time or, separately, individuals who really didn't play any role in the campaign and to suggest that those are the basis for anything is a bit ridiculous", he said.

Dearborn's aide, John Mashburn, conducts a weekly conference call with the advisers, who remain in constant contact with the White House. The White House didn't confirm whether the president played golf during his almost four hours at the course.